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Wire Decking for Pallet Racks

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Used wire decks for pallet racks can often be purchased independently to supplement an existing racking system or to piece together separate used racking components for your customized solution. Pallet rack decks can have many different manufacturers, such as Meco, Interlake, Steel King, Anderson, Ridg-U-Rak, and many more. Wire decking is used to provide additional support for any items placed into a pallet rack. Many items may be on wood pallets or nesting pallets, which do not work well in a racking system that does not have wire decking or safety bars in place. Just about all wire decking will be cross-compatible with different brands of beams. Pay close attention to the width and depth of the used wire decking to ensure that yours will fit your pallet rack system. Combine these used wire decks with uprights and beams for a complete pallet rack system.

At Container Exchanger, we specialize in saving your company money by providing access to used components. Most of the companies that buy our used wire decks also discover that they have used racks that they wish to sell. We will broker any brand of rack or rack components for your company. This includes Steel King, Ridg-U-Rack, Interlake, Teardrop, T-Bolt, Structural Racking, and others. When you find an item you like, fill out the form on the item page, and we will call and email to provide availability and delivered pricing.

Used and New Wire Decking for Pallet Racks.  Pallet Rack decking can be found in wire, wood, or corrugated steel configurations.  Pallet rack decks are used to provide additional support.


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