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Used Super Sack Brand Bags Offer Flexible Transportation and Storage Options

Used Super Sacks are extremely flexible containers than can be used to store and transport a wide variety of materials such as powders, plastics and other hard to contain materials. Bulk bags are also commonly referred to as jumbo bags, super sacks and flexible intermediate bulk containers. They are constructed from extremely durable and heavy duty plastic. The fibers are interwoven to create a container that is very strong and can withstand being picked up and moved by a variety of equipment such as forklifts. They come in a variety of configurations; some have the ability to be emptied from the bottom while others have lift straps added to increase mobility.

Bulk bags are used for many different reasons. Some are used to store and transport food while others are constructed to move hazardous materials. Since they are so incredibly versatile, there is a great demand for these types of containers. However, buying new comes with an added cost.

Used bulk bags are available for purchase from the premier broker in the new and used bulk container industry: Container Exchanger. Container Exchanger will connect buyers and sellers of used bulk bags in order to facilitate the transaction, which ultimately leads to a greater cost savings to those purchasing the bags as well as a greater return on investment for those selling them.

Companies can purchase these bags at a lower price point and can also become more environmentally friendly at the same time. Customers are increasingly looking for companies that have adopted an eco-friendly position and by purchasing used bulk bags to address storage and transportation needs, they can meet these expectations.

Here are some bulk bags available:
  Spout Top Bulk Bags
  Duffle Top Bulk Bags
  Open Top Bulk Bags