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FIBC bags help you store and transport more of your products for less. They are often used to transport large quantities of agricultural products, including wheat, rice, corn and other dry goods. We sell a wide variety of spout bottom bulk bags on our website for you to choose from, including those with an opening at the top for easy access and product handling.

The spout bag has become an essential tool in today’s agricultural industry. It’s extremely lightweight while storing over two thousand pounds of your inventory. They are made with a durable packaging material for safe, effective storage and transportation. Every bag comes with straps for attaching the container to a forklift. This makes it easy to move large quantities of goods without putting your workers or inventory at risk. Use caution when releasing the product into a new container, as built-up static electricity can increase the risk of combustion. Follow the safety directions to unload your product as quickly and as safely as possible.

A flexible package from Container Exchanger is designed to last the test of time, so you don’t have to keep buying new storage containers. Use these spout bottom bulk bags over and over again to reduce your storage costs. When used properly, the packaging material won’t rip, stretch or break over time. We sell both new and used bulk bags. You can move your inventory in less time and with more peace of mind. Keep your business moving at peak efficiency and invest in a series of bulk bag bottom spouts today.