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Stack Racks with a Large Footprint - Industrial Use

Stack racks come in many different sizes and dimensions. If you need to store a massive amount of inventory select extra long stack racks, - choose from used and new assortment. The portable stack racks are usually composed of a metal pallet-style base and either uprights or an upright frame assembly. When the stack rack uprights are separate, they can generally be removed from the base and layed horizontally, which creates a very compact storage method when they are empty or are being shipped. Some stack racks do not have removable posts or uprights, but, instead, have a frame that allows compatible racks to be stacked in a staggered manner. This is also a space and shipping cost savings approach because many racks can be nested within each other with minimal use of vertical storage space. Stack racks can be configured to handle many items. They usually work best with stable or steady materials. They can be used in conjunction with bulk bags and other bulk storage options and, also, work well to hold pipes or other long or varying length items.

Stack Racks for Warehouses

At Container Exchanger, we specialize in saving your company money by providing access to quality used items. We buy and sell used stack racks throughout North America, instantly save up to 40% when you buy used! If you would like to purchase used stack racks, browse products available below and complete the "INQUIRE NOW" form

  • When reviewing products, look for the minimum quantity required for purchase.
  • The per item price does not include freight costs (we can handle the freight & logistics for an additional fee OR you can arrange your own freight).
  • We represent sellers across North Americawe've partnered with dozens of freight carriers across the continent.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
Used 53x53x60 Dyna-Rack Stack Racks S007209 Used 53x53x60 Dyna-Rack Stack Racks $110.00 30 NC, USA
Used 55x85 Stack Racks S007046 Used 55x85 Stack Racks $130.00 150 GA, USA
Used 60x60x48 Stack Racks S006994 Used 60x60x48 Stack Racks $95.00 180 OH, USA
New 40x92x61 Stack Racks S005643 New 40x92x61 Stack Racks $180.00 123 OH, USA
Used 50x52x49 Stack Racks - Excellent Condition S004841 Used 50x52x49 Stack Racks - Excellent Condition $90.00 310 CO, USA
1-5, 5 total listings       [1] 
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