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Cost-effective and space-saving, stack racks are probably one of the best storage systems in the industry for large and bulky items.  Flexible and very portable, industrial Portable Stacking Racks for sale can be configured to handle many items – from pipes to furniture, carpets, tires, or any other large, long, and bulky item you can imagine.  Perfect for storing all kinds of goods and merchandise, used portable stack racks will help you make the most of your warehouse or storage space. They help you get your goods off the ground so you can make the most of your floor space and keep your facility clean. Stack Racks are very convenient to load, as well.  They can be loaded on the floor and then lifted and stacked after they’re already loaded.  And with varying heights and widths, you can easily customize the interior of your space as you see fit.  An added benefit is that most Portable Racks have removable posts, which allows you to nest them and stack them high out of the way when they're not in use.

The layout of your warehouse is bound to change over time as your needs change. Used stack racks make it easy to adjust the set-up as time goes on, so you can easily rearrange your products and merchandise without having to install a fixed racking system. This saves time and money in what can be a highly competitive industry. You can use them with all kinds of storage containers and equipment, including metal, wood, and plastic containers, pallets, and bulk bags.  Bulk bags are a great example, if you want to get vertical storage with bulk bags (which won't stack well at all) - put your loaded bulk bag into a stack rack and now you can easily stack them 3 high.  

At Container Exchanger, we sell a wide range of stackable racks and warehouse shelving units for you to choose from, including complete rack systems.  This category is dedicated to portable racks, however, which have removable posts, and are just one of the many ways you can get your warehouse storage system off the ground. If you are unable to find used storage stack racks to fit your needs, check out our collection of new portable stack racks for warehouses.

Companies everywhere understand the benefits of used storage stack racks. If you're thinking of buying a used portable stack rack and metal storage racks, you probably have issues with other types of containers. For example, steel wire mesh bins might not be suitable because they can't easily be maneuvered or stacked correctly.

We can help you and have various new & used stack racks for sale. However, we know you might have questions about our stack racks, and this list of FAQs can assist.


  • What are Used Stack Racks For?

    A stack rack lets warehouses and other companies store and stack different bulk materials in a facilityYou load them while they're on the floor and then lift them to stack ontop of each other verticallyStack Racks are very popular for tires, carpet, pipe, or lumber, for exampleThey come in various sizes and shapes, and we can help you find the steel stack rack size that's most suitable for you.  If flexibility is a top priority for you, our portable stack racks for sale are the perfect choice. With these racks, you can easily move them around your warehouse, giving you the freedom to customize your storage layout whenever necessary.  


  • What Dimensions Do I Need When Buying a New & Used Stack Rack for Sale Near me?

    Our used stack racks for sale come in various dimensions. The most common sizes include 60"x60", 48"x60", and 48"x48". 


  • Is a Pallet Rack the Same as a Used Stack Rack?

    No.  Stack racks are a portable style of an industrial storage racking system. Therefore, they're used for warehouse storage racking when things won't go on a traditional pallet rack or shelfThink of them as a pallet with posts, which allows another pallet with posts to be stacked on top of it. 

    Pallet Rack refers to standardized and fixed warehouse racking which usually stores pallets and product. 


  • What If the Storage Space in Your Warehouse Isn't Standard?

    We have many sizes of used portable stack racks available, so they can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you require something taller or have longer products, our items have what it takes. 


  • What's the Maximum Weight Capacity for Used Stackable Racks in Warehouses?

    The weight capacity of a used stackable rack depends on the design and model. However, many of them handle about 4,000 pounds per rack. You can easily click on the product description to see the dynamic capacity. 


  • How Are Portable Stack Racks Used?

    Many people ask us: "How are stack racks used?" They're versatile storage solutions and can be used in many applications and industries. These are the most common for used stack racks: 

    • Organizing and storing raw materials or finished goods in a manufacturing facility 

    • Distribution and warehousing centers for transporting and storing products 

    • Enabling vertical storage for items which are not easily stackable in their standard storage unit. 

    • Temporary storage for outdoor events and on construction sites 

    • Seasonal storage of tools, equipment, and products 

    • Storing products away from the floor to protect from moisture and damage 

    • Optimizing and organizing space in a storage facility or warehouse 

    • Sorting and separating products for inventory management 

    • Improving the company's workplace safety by securely storing heavy items 


  • Why Should I Choose Used Stack Racks?

    Whether you call it a stack rack or portable pallet rack, they are versatile and durable solutions for storage that will increase efficiency. These are the reasons many people consider used stack racks: 

    • Improve Inventory Management - Used stack racks will help you track inventory and manage products efficiently, which reduces the risk of overstocking or stockoutsYour products are easily visible. 

    • Easy to Install - Used stack racks are quite easy to disassemble and assemble and can be placed on any flat surface for loading or storage 

    • Safety - Used stack racks ensure that your products are stored safely and securely, which reduces the risk of damage and accidents. 

    • Cost-Effective - Steel stack racks can be repurposed and reused, so you don't have to buy additional storage solutions. 

    • Durability - Sturdy materials are used, especially when you choose steel stack racks. Therefore, they'll be a long-lasting investment that withstands heavy loads. 

    • Can be used in many settings, especially manufacturing plants and warehouses.  

    • Increased Efficiency - A metal stack rack helps you organize products efficiently and systematically, which improves productivity and workflow. 

    • Improved Accessibility - Portable steel racks help you access items easily and quickly, reducing the effort and time needed to retrieve or move products. 

    • Save Space - Heavy-duty steel racks help you stack things vertically, which saves floor space and boosts storage capacity. 


  • How Will a Metal Stack Rack For Sale Near Me (or Any Type) Optimize My Storage Space and Increase Efficiency?

    Whether you choose a metal stack rack or a some sort of racking system such as standard pallet racking, it will help you store pallets and other items. Each rack is set on top of the one below, and one pallet will fit in each. 

    Overall, stackable racks can maximize floor space by packing them edge to edge and several rows deep, whereas a fixed racking system would have fixed rows, unless you went with a much more expensive solution like drive-in pallet racking.   

    Whereas permanent racking will be there forever, a portable steel stack rack is designed to be versatile and flexible enough to move throughout the facility. If you need to reconfigure the warehouse throughout the year, getting versatile mobile racks is the best solution for you. 

    The most common styles are wood deck boards and open deck options. Open deck styles have pallets placed right on them because other materials could fall throughWe also have wire mesh decking available in stock - However, wood decking helps you store oddly shaped as the floor is more solid.   

    We also carry heavy-duty plastic and steel stack rack system options, so you can find just about anything you need. 


  • Shouldn't I Get New Storage Racks For Sale Near Me?

    Buying a new steel stack rack can be expensive, especially when the used ones are often in just as good condition as the others. Therefore, you shouldn't dismiss purchasing used. Generally, used storage racks have been tested, cleaned, and inspected, and we only buy high-quality, used material handling racks. Therefore, you don't have to worry. 

    We check everything for you, ensuring that you get something for a reasonable price compared to the new one. Browse our selection of items, making sure to check the quantity and price. Then, inquire with us or chat with a live agent to get assistance. 


  • How Does the Buying Process Work?

    We are a marketplaceSome of the items ship from another end user, they may ship from an equipment dealer, or they may originate from one of our own warehousesTo start the buying process, find an item that suits your needs and use the Inquire Now feature to reach a sales rep on our teamWe'll confirm pricing, availability, and freight costsYou'll receive a Sales Order with payment optionsYour goods are shipped once payment is secured and we have a followup process to ensure you're happy with the shipment or we'll work on a resolution.   



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