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Why Are Pallet Container Boxes So Great?


Pallet container boxes
are one of the most common ways to store, ship, and move goods, especially throughout North America. These boxes are used by everyone, from giant retailers to small businesses. If you're unfamiliar with these, they are standardized boxes manufactured using a pallet as the base material. If you've seen a business employee or a warehouse worker carrying a box using a forklift, you might have been looking at a pallet container box.

Regarding moving and storing items, there is no doubt that pallet bulk container boxes are some of the best options. These boxes have many advantages that make them perfect for various applications.

Here are three reasons why Container Exchanger thinks that pallet container boxes are so great:

  • Environmental-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Environmental-Friendly Pallet Container Boxes

One of the best things about pallet container boxes is that they are extremely environmentally friendly. Companies can reuse them repeatedly, making them a much more sustainable option than traditional cardboard boxes. This is particularly necessary in today's world when environmental protection is a significant concern.

Pallet container boxes are an excellent way to protect your products from the elements and keep them safe during transport. These boxes are manufactured from recycled materials, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some of these boxes are made from heavy-duty plastic, metal/aluminum, and wood. They can be recycled, so they don't end up in landfills like other packaging materials.

Since they are made from recycled material, businesses can use them repeatedly without losing their integrity or strength. This means that they have a much smaller carbon footprint than other types of packaging, which is essential for sustainability because it reduces waste and helps us protect our planet for future generations.


Pallet container boxes are an excellent option for businesses that need to store and transport their products. These boxes are durable, have a large capacity, and can be used in various applications. These boxes are strong, so you can rely on them to secure your assets. The robust material will keep your products safe during transit, so you won't have to worry about any damage occurring while they're in transit.

These boxes can hold up to 2,500 pounds, which is perfect for transporting heavy items like warehouse materials. If you need to move large items without damaging them, these boxes are ideal for your needs. You'll also find that these containers are collapsible and usable when necessary. This makes them suitable for storing away until they're needed again.

Know the different sizes of pallet container boxes we have at Container Exchanger.


Pallet container boxes are the perfect way to get your products shipped without breaking the bank. They're strong, durable, and, best of all—affordable! You'll be able to send your products confidently, knowing they'll arrive safely, no matter where they end up.

With these pallet containers, you can also ensure your shipment will arrive at its destination as quickly as possible. And these boxes are lightweight as well! That means not only does shipping cost less, but it's also easier on the environment.

When considering which pallet bulk container box is suitable for your company, think about what kind of products you're shipping and where they'll be going. If you're shipping small or lightweight items that need protection from damage during transit via a 52' trailer semi-truck, then consider using a pallet container box instead.

Bonus tip:

Depending on its dimensions, buying a used pallet container box at Container Exchanger ranges from $85-$199, and purchasing a new pallet bulk container box ranges from $200-$350.

You can save up to 30-70% of your money when buying a used pallet container box compared to purchasing a new one!

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