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Metal storage bins are considered the most durable containers on the market today. They are made typically made with mild steel, a durable metal that adapts well to being cut & welded.  The strength of Metal provides maximum security for your products. The container can withstand everyday wear and tear without damaging the contents. They are used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, retail, and manufacturing industries. Companies will also use metal storage containers in super heavy-duty industries such a foundaries.

Metal storage bins are also perfect for storing metal tools and supplies, including screws, pipes, gears, and other mechanical parts. They won’t break down or fall apart over time to keep your facility running at peak efficiency.  Metal parts and sharp objects can easily damage plastic containers and cardboard boxes, so it’s best to use metal containers in these applications.

We sell a wide variety of Metal Bulk Containers at Container Exchanger.  Since Container Exchanger is a marketplace, we are your one stop shop to sell, or buy metal bins.  Here are some quick links for you  to review our current New Metal Bins and Used Metal Bins available. 

Browse our selection to find the right metal storage containers for your company.  Don't see what you need?  No problem, we can make ANYTHING in metal.  That's right - Customize your metal bin or rack project.  We can work on your perfect specification and make it to your requirements.  Your imagination is the only limit, consult with us today to get the exact bin you need for your application.


  • How Large Are Stackable Metal Storage Bins?

    Whether it's for industrial or commercial use, used metal bins can provide a safe and secure means of storing or shipping heavy assemblies such as motor or motor housings, metal components such as automotive suspensionsAnything that's super heavy or requires an unusual size, the Metal Bins category is where you should go.   

    Generally speaking, there are several sizes of used metal containers available, ranging from 24" x 24" up to 96" x 48". It is important to choose the size that best suits your specific needs and storage requirementsA smaller container will be used for heavier & denser componentsLarge bins can be used for lower density items. 

  • Are Galvanized Metal Storage Bins Durable?

    *Most of our galvanized metal bins are actually found in the Wire Baskets section.* 

    If you're looking for a heavy-duty storage solution for your outdoor needs, galvanized metal bins are a great optionThe galvanized coating process will protect the metal and reduct oxidationNot only are they strong and durable, but they're also affordable and come in a variety of sizes. Plus, they're easy to assemble and can last a lifetimeAs with anything, a quality paint job will help protect the metal from the elements.  

    Many of our metal bins in this category (Metal Bins, which indicates they have solid walls instead of wire mesh walls) - cannot be galvanized, however but they can be painted or powder coatedPainting & Powder Coat are also very effective at preventing rust. If you buy a new metal bin from us, we can paint the outside and inside to reduce the damage that moisture can do over time  

  • Where Can I Find Scrap Metal Bins for Sale?

    From stackable steel containers to collapsible containers and long-lasting metal bins, Container Exchanger has you covered. 

    With an extensive selection of heavy-duty metal bins, metal containers, and collapsible containers, we guarantee you'll find the perfect storage solution for your resources. 

  • How Cheap Are Industrial Metal Bins for Sale?

    In terms of cost, industrial used metal bins for sale generally range from $75 for a used bin, or more for larger used bins and new bins. This cost is based on the size of the container, the type of metal used, and any customization options as well. 

  • Who Offers the Best Used Industrial Metal Bins for Sale?

    With a carefully sourced selection of durable and heavy-duty used metal bins, Container Exchanger provides customers with the right used metal bins to suit their needs easily and quickly. 

    Whether you need to transport goods, store hazardous materials, or create efficient and safe warehouse storage, Container Exchanger's selection of used metal bins and metal containers is the answer. 

  • How Expensive Is a Heavy-duty Metal Storage Bin?

    The cost of heavy-duty metal bins can vary depending on the size, type, and design of the metal containers. 

    Standard-size metal containers and used metal bins can cost around $100+. If more storage space is needed, larger metal containers and metal bins such as 48" x 96" can range from $250 - $700. 

  • Can Used Metal Storage Bins Keep My Items Safe?

    Used metal bins are an economical and space-saving way to store a variety of items securely. They come in different forms, from collapsible metal containers to large steel used metal bins, and are specifically designed for secure storage and transport. 

  • Are Used Metal Storage Bins for Sale Bad Quality?

    All of our bins are useable as originally intended and we get photos on every lot that we sellWe do our best to ensure the bins you receive will do the job as required - and will last for many more yearsMetal bins tend to have a longer lifespan than other storage solutions, being made typically of steel and then painted to protect the metal. This makes them sturdier and more resistant to wear and tear, so they can withstand heavier loads and more pressure. 

    What's great about used metal bins is their durabilityWe've seen steel tubs last 20 years and moreTake care of them and they'll take care of youThe harsher the environment, the more they'll wearBut rest assured, Steel Tubs are the most durable bin available.  

  • What Type of Metal Containers Does Container Exchanger Sell?

    Finding the right type of steel container for your storage and transportation needs can be challenging. That's why Container Exchanger offers a wide variety of stackable metal bins — from gaylord boxes and wire baskets to steel stack racks and wood crates — we have the industrial bins that will meet your specific requirements. 

    Plus, our customer service team can help with coordinating pickup and delivery, ensuring that you get the right steel containers when and where you need themContact our Sales team to learn more and they'll help guide you in the right direction. 


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