Non-Collapsible Solid Wall Metal Bins For Sale

Fixed wall containers are built to meet the most rigorous demands in industrial, steel casting, metal working, scrap processing, and heavy-manufacturing applications. These Steel Containers are generally the strongest you can get, having both fixed and solid walls makes the strongest steel container for the heaviest of applications.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S005344 Used 40x32x12 (Outside Dimensions) Rigid Metal Bins $55.00 90 IN, USA
S004789 Used 53x48x26 Rigid Metal Bins $200.00 120 OH, USA
S005749 Used 53x42x38 Steel Tubs - Drop Door on long Side $290.00 330 OH, USA
S005635 Used 53x48x26 Rigid Metal Bins $295.00 82 ON, Canada
S005634 Used 53x32x37 Rigid Metal Bins - Drop Bottoms $370.00 224 ON, Canada
S005632 Used 44x32x22 (Outside dimensions) Rigid Metal Tubs $159.00 27 ON, Canada
S005631 Used 36x32x36 (Outside dimensions) Rigid Metal Bin $229.00 387 ON, Canada
S005630 Used 36x31x31 (Outside dimensions) Rigid Metal Bin $159.00 11 ON, Canada
S005616 Used 41x26x21 (Outside dims) Metal Bins - No drop gates $80.00 20 OH, USA
S005425 Used 48x36x36 (Outside Dimensions) Rigid Metal Bins - Stackable $260.00 12 MI, USA
S005421 Used 72x36x25 Rigid Metal Bins - Stackable $320.00 30 OH, USA
S005359 Used 39x27x34 (Outside dimensions) Rigid Metal Bins with Fork Pockets $295.00 5 MI, USA
S005316 Used 36x32x26 Rigid Metal Bins - No Drop Doors $235.00 48 MI, USA
S005274 Used 30x32x33 (Outside Dimensions) Rigid Foundry Bins with fork pockets and lifting loops $229.00 20 OH, USA
S005692 Used 50x33x29 Rigid Metal Bins $255.00 14 OH, USA
ES010825 New 40.5x34.5x32 Solid Side Steel Bins w. Drop Doors $249.63 10000 ON, Canada
S005407 Used 53x32x42 Rigid Steel Bin -Theft proof $550.00 1 IL, USA
S005380 Used 34x27x11 (Outside dimensions) Metal Bins - 4 compartments $80.00 175 IN, USA
S005378 Used 72x36x26 Rigid Metal Bins - No drop gates $250.00 5 MI, USA
S005263 Used 54x44x25 Rigid Metal Bins $245.00 44 ON, Canada
1-20, 79 total listings       [1]  2  3  4 
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