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Storage Drums for Sale - Fiber, Metal, & Plastic Drums - New & Used

We sell a wide variety of new and used storage barrels at Container Exchanger, including 55-gallon metal and plastic drums. These containers are used to ship and store finished products and raw materials in bulk. Most containers can hold up to 55 gallons of dry or solid goods, such as water, fuel, oil, mechanical parts and finished consumer products. 

Metal drums are often used to store industrial materials. In contrast, plastic barrels are used to store non-toxic materials, including food and beverage products and retail goods not meant for consumption. You will find a range of food-grade drum storage barrels on our website. These drums are considered safe to use with food items. 

You will also find a selection of used barrel drums for sale. These containers are designed to last the test of time, so you can continue using them without putting your products at risk. They are also extremely versatile. You can use them to store and ship all types of materials and products. Just be sure to rinse out the barrel after each order. You should never store hazardous materials inside a food-grade container. Keep these containers separate to avoid cross-contamination. 

You can store your barrels on a barrel pallet or put them on their sides as long as you stop them from rolling. Attach your barrels to a pallet when shipping them to a new location. Use ratchet straps to keep the container attached to the base. 

Browse our selection of drum storage barrels to find the right size gallon drum for your products. The minimum order quantity for drums is usually a truckload, which is 200-300 quantities.

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