55 Gallon Drums - Plastic, Metal, & Fiber

Used 55 Gallon Drums Metal Storage DrumsPlastic Barrels, and Fiber Drums are used to hold a variety of materials.  Reconditioned barrels and drums come in several different sizes, but the 55 gallon (200 Liter) variety is by far the most common.  Some barrels come with a removable lid while others may just have a spout for removing the fluids inside.  Some of these used barrels and drums may have been reconditioned, which involves removing the fluids and cleaning the barrels as much as possible.


  • Food Grade: Drums or barrels have contained some form of food substance in them. The content could have been anything from wines to oils. Typically safe for water storage or aquaponics systems.
  • Non-Food Grade: Drums or barrels most likely contained chemicals of some sort in them. Because of possible hazardous chemicals, these totes are not safe for certain applications.
  • Rinsed & Cleaned: Used drums where the interior and exteriors have been washed and rinsed using hot water, detergent or solvent.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S006362 USED 55 Gallon Fiber Drums SC $8.50 1000 SC, USA
S006131 Used Fiber or cardboard with fiber/cardboard lid = 58 Gallon $9.00 74 KS, USA
S006129 Used 55 Gallon Fiber Drum KS $9.00 251 KS, USA
S006091 Used Closed Head 55 Gallon Plastic Drums SC $7.00 330 SC, USA
S005837 USED 55 Gallon Fiber Drums OH $9.84 0 OH, USA
S005801 Used Black 55 gallon Plastic Barrels (Food Grade) $13.66 333 WA, USA
S005688 Used 59 Gallon Wine Barrels TX $156.25 60 TX, USA
S004188 Used 55 gallon open head plastic drums $9.40 0 TN, USA
S006360 New Square Fiber Drums 5 Gal $13.33 600 CA, USA
S006339 Used 55 Gall Closed Head Drums CO $24.00 500 CO, USA
S006266 New 5 gallon square all fiber drums $18.75 600 CA, USA
S006244 Used 55 Gallon Plastic Drums Ohio $42.00 60 OH, USA
S006213 Used Black 60 Gallon Plastic Drums FL $10.00 30 FL, USA
S006212 Used 55 Gallon Orange Plastic Drums FL $10.00 300 FL, USA
S006160 55 Gallon Closed Head Drums FL Inquire for Price 300 FL, USA
S006121 15 gallon barrel $12.50 120 MN, USA
S006089 New 77 Gallon Jumbo Barrels $48.40 800 SC, USA
S006044 New Mauser 55 Gall Metal Drums UT $54.00 288 UT, USA
S006033 13 gal plastic drum with ring lock $5.25 4000 IL, USA
S006020 Used 55 gallon food grade drums $25.00 111 KS, USA
1-20, 92 total listings       [1]  2  3  4  5 
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