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Sold in bulk (200 boxes typically for a minimum order). Gaylord boxes are used to ship most of the items we use every day. They are by far the most affordable shipping containers on the market today and can store large quantities of goods without putting them at risk. These boxes are made with corrugated cardboard. They are often placed inside another shipping container when moving overseas. Gaylord boxes weigh less than other types of shipping containers, which will help you save money on shipping. Find the right type of Gaylord box at Container Exchanger.

You will find a wide range of new and used Gaylord boxes for sale on our website. Our boxes come from private sellers all over the country. These tote boxes come in many different sizes, so you can find the right dimensions for your products. It’s best to use a container that’s close in size to the contents so you don’t have to fill up the box with packing peanuts and other disposable packaging materials. Use large boxes to ship your products in bulk. Attach the box to a pallet so your workers can quickly move your inventory using a lift truck.

Every facility needs at least one Gaylord box. From bulk shipping to low-cost storage, there are so many ways to put these containers to work. All our Gaylord boxes are completely recyclable to reduce your impact on the environment. You can break them down when they are empty to save room and build them back up again when more products come in. Purchase bulk bins for your facility to move your inventory for less.  

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What Are Gaylord Boxes?

Gaylord boxes are usually large, corrugated cardboard boxes that can be used for storing bulk materials or shipping. Many industries use them in the commercial space, such as manufacturing, operations management, food processing, agriculture, automotive, supply chain, warehousing, construction, metal and steel fabrication, industrial, etc. These boxes are generally the preferred method of storage and shipping because they are lighter, making them easier to handle. 


What Should I Look for When Buying Used Gaylord Boxes?

Searching for “used gaylord boxes near me?” There are a number of factors to consider. However, quality is one of the most important ones. You want to ensure the boxes are in good condition and free from any damage that may negatively impact its performance. This means the boxes should be clean, dry, and free from mold or mildew. Furthermore, you want to make sure the containers haven't been exposed to any harsh chemicals or contaminants that would affect the materials or items being stored in them. 

Fortunately, when buyers and sellers choose Container Exchanger, they can rest easy knowing they're getting high-quality products and services! 


Can I Buy Used Gaylord Boxes Online?

You can certainly buy used gaylord boxes online! In fact, Container Exchanger is the largest online marketplace for commercial and industrial businesses looking for effective storage and shipping solutions. We assist buyers and sellers and prioritize efficient and simple business-to-business transactions. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about where to buy gaylord boxes: we have you covered!

If you're searching for "used gaylord boxes for sale near me," look no further. Container Exchanger has everything you need. Contact us today at +1-(404)-551-5599 or complete the website form, and we'll be happy to assist.


Are Used Gaylord Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

Used gaylord boxes can be environmentally friendly as they can be repurposed and used multiple times before recycling them. Container Exchanger is also committed to sustainability. We do our part to make sure shipping waste doesn't end up in landfills by ensuring that all our boxes are recyclable. Therefore, by buying and using used gaylord boxes, you're doing your part in conserving resources and reducing waste. 


What Sizes Are Used Gaylord boxes Available in?

We offer a wide range of used gaylord boxes for sale in many sizes and styles. Therefore, you're bound to find the exact type of used gaylord box you're looking for. Regardless of the types of products you want to store or ship, you can count on us to have exactly what you're looking for. 


Why Should I Choose Container Exchanger to Buy My Used Gaylords?

From rectangular to octagon boxes, we have it all! However, our diverse range of containers is only one of the reasons why you should consider Container Exchanger as your go-to supplier. Apart from selling an endless supply of containers, we also act as a broker between buyers and sellers, meaning we'll facilitate transactions and provide value-added sales assistance. 

Our customers can count on us to handle everything from customer queries to follow-up calls, payment processing, freight delivery, and after-sales support. In fact, doing business has never been easier! We pride ourselves on establishing relationships with buyers, sellers, and shippers, which is why we offer our customers excellent cost savings, high-quality products, and complete disclosure over deliveries. 

The next time you’re searching for “where to buy used gaylord boxes near me,” remember that we’ve got you covered!



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