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Super sack bulk bags are vital to the agricultural, food processing and feed mill industries. They are considered one of the safest ways to move large quantities of grain, corn and other dry goods & powders. If you need one-way shipping for bulk materials, FIBC's (Bulk Bags) are definitely the most affordable option.  If you need something for in-facility use - we have reusable bulk containers that are suitable for powders and grains and for use in your facility, a reusable container is defintely preferred. Bulk bags are much lighter by comparison, they're affordable, and they are either placed on a pallet, or can be lifted with lifting loops to move them in and out of trailers.

 At Container Exchanger, we sell a wide variety of new and used bulk bags for you to choose from, including:

 ●    Spout Top Bags

●     Spout Bottom Bags

●     Duffle Top Bags

●     Jumbo Bags

●     One Ton Bags

These bags are made with highly durable materials, usually woven polypropylene, to ensure a long working life. New bulk bags feature the added benfit of being perfectly clean - if you don't want to risk contamination, the go with a new bag. FIBC and duffle top bags are perfect for transporting a wide range of goods and materials. 

As a bulk bag supplier, we specialize in helping businesses of all sizes store their bulk materials, powders, pellets, and ground materials. Browse our selection of FIBC bulk bags to find the right bag for your business.


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