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When it comes to storing and transporting food and beverage products, it’s best to use a food grade bin, tote or bakery tray. These containers are designed to safely store and transport food products and those meant for consumption. They are made with nontoxic plastic that won’t contaminate or affect the overall quality of your food products. At Container Exchanger, we sell a wide variety of new and used food bins and bread rack trays for you to choose from, including: 

●     Bakery Trays

●     Harvest Trays

●     Stackable Trays

●     Food Grade Storage Drums

●     Food Grade IBC Totes

Perfect for a bakery display case or shipping freshly made goods to your customers, our food totes and trays are perfect for just about anyone in the food service industry. They are made with durable materials so you can reuse them for years to come.

Unlike other types of containers, food and bakery trays allow air to pass through the racks, enabling the food to cool before it goes into the final container. This is the best way to store your goods when preparing them for shipment; otherwise, they could get damaged along the way. Use stackable trays and totes to safely move your products to their destination. The containers fit on top of each other so the contents retain their original shape.

You can never be too careful when shipping these kinds of products. Your customers and clients count on you to keep them safe by using the right kinds of storage materials. Browse our selection of food storage containers and equipment to keep your products safe and secure.


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