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Push back pallet rack systems allow for high-density, last-in, first-out storage of pallets or crates using push back racks. Pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts riding on inclined rails or rollers, where they remain until it is pushed back by subsequent pallet loading. When unloading the push back rack, the forklift takes out the front pallet, allowing the pallets behind it to roll to the front of the rack, where they remain until the rack is unloaded or another pallet is placed into the rack. Push back rack systems are a high-density storage option because they fill your space with product, not aisles. Where standard selective pallet racks only allow pallets to go single-pallet deep, pushback rack systems let you store pallets 2 to 5 deep. This works well if you have several pallets of the same item in inventory at any one time.

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