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*100 pallets minimum order requirement usually.

Plastic pallets are used to ship and store a wide variety of goods and materials. They are made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a lightweight, yet heavy-duty plastic that will last the test of time. You can reuse plastic pallets for years on end without damaging your products. Just clean off the pallet and it will be ready for another load. The plastic is completely waterproof and won’t expand in heat for a perfect fit every time.

Plastic pallets are used throughout the supply chain. They tend to be the preferred choice when shipping cold-storage items like pharmaceuticals and food products. They are also used in the automotive and chemical processing industries.

They don’t have to be treated for wood borne pests and bacteria, unlike wooden pallets. You can ship your goods internationally without worrying about damaging your pallets or having your goods held up in customs. Wood can also spread dirt and debris that can clutter your workspace.

You will find a wide variety of plastic pallets for sale at Container Exchanger, including new and used pallets. You can buy used plastic pallets to save money on shipping materials. These pallets won’t degrade or lose their dimensions over time, so you can rest assured the pallet will still be effective in the field. We sell all the most common types of pallets, including the standard 48” x 40” pallet, which is the norm across North America.

Shop new and used plastic pallets for sale on our website to extend the life of your shipping materials.



  • What Are the Uses of Plastic Pallets?

    Plastic pallets have a wide range of uses in various industries, including:

    • Warehousing and storage: Plastic pallets are commonly used for stacking, storing, and transporting goods in warehouses and distribution centers.

    • Transportation: They are suitable for shipping and logistics purposes, providing a stable base for goods during transportation.

    • Food and beverage industry: Plastic pallets are widely used in the food and beverage industry due to their hygienic properties, as they are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and bacteria.

    • Pharmaceutical industry: Plastic pallets are preferred in the pharmaceutical sector because they can be easily cleaned and do not absorb moisture or odors.



  • What Is the Standard Pallet Size?

    The most commonly used standard pallet size is the 48x40 inches pallet, which is widely recognized and compatible with various industries. 


  • What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Plastic Pallets?

    • Load capacity: Ensure that the pallets can support the weight of your goods.

    • Durability: Look for pallets made from high-quality materials that can withstand the demands of your specific application.

    • Size and compatibility: Determine the appropriate pallet size that fits your storage and transportation equipment.

    • Design features: Consider features such as nesting capabilities, stacking ability, and reinforcements for efficient storage and handling.

    • Hygiene and safety: If you require pallets for industries such as food or pharmaceuticals, opt for pallets that are easy to clean, resistant to contaminants, and comply with industry regulations.


  • Where Can You Buy Plastic Pallets Near You?

    If you're looking to buy new & used plastic pallets for sale near you, a reliable option is Container Exchanger. We are one of the top new & used wholesale plastic pallets suppliers.  

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