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Metal wire baskets have so many uses in and out of the warehouse. Whether you’re looking to organize your inventory, speed up the intake process, increase your lead time or ship your products with ease, you can find the right industrial metal wire basket for your facility at Container Exchanger. Browse through our selection below to keep your inventory moving at lightning speed.

When it comes to shipping and material handling, rigid wire baskets are the perfect choice.  They are lightweight and easy to handle for more efficiency on the floor. Wire baskets also keep your inventory visible. Everyone will be able to recognize the contents in a matter of seconds without having to touch the container. Look for a wheeled basket when sorting and moving inventory through your facility. Drop-down doors and openings are perfect for retrieving inventory and supplies, while collapsible baskets help conserve space.

Buying used metal wire storage baskets is so much easier at Container Exchanger. We partner with reputable sellers from all over the U.S. to help you save money on shipping and storage. Once you find a metal basket, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. If the basket is not in the same condition as what was listed online, we will send you a full refund.

Shop for used wire baskets and containers on our website to save as much money on the production process. Regardless of what you’re moving or manufacturing, you can find what you need at Container Exchanger. 

On this page you will find all used rigid wire baskets available through Container Exchanger or you can go directly to one of the used wire basket links here:
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