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Used Gaylord Boxes for sale: Benefits to Business that Want to Go Green

Gaylord boxes are used for organizing and shipping different products such as rags, vegetables, scrap materials, and resin among others. Gaylord boxes are crafted with several layers of cardboard. This design makes them a practical choice for those who need stackable storages that will be used in warehouses or inside container vans.

While you can buy new Gaylord boxes for sale, there are several benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs when you buy second hand boxes.

Cost Effective

Used Gaylord boxes for sale are cheaper than newly manufactured ones. Since the boxes are designed for toughness, second hand boxes are still very reliable storage solution. One can acquire used boxes by asking stores in the community or by doing a bit of search online.


Recycling boxes makes Mother Earth smile. Imagine if a business needs hundreds or thousands of Gaylord boxes, you will be saving your city tons of boxes in the landfill. Being green also attracts more consumers today as people are now very much conscious about the environment.

Sturdy Storage

Because of the design of Gaylord boxes, even used ones can last for quite some time. The important thing to remember is to handle the boxes with care and keep them in a dry place. You do not have to worry about getting old, worn out boxes when buying used boxes since studies have shown that used Gaylord boxes for sale may still last as long as new boxes.

When buying used Gaylord boxes for sale for your business, you need to remember several things. You may want to ask if the supplier requires a minimum order. The supplier must have enough volume to meet your demands especially during seasons when you need more storage. Buyers should also check if quality controls are in place to make sure you will get good quality Gaylord boxes even when they are already used boxes.