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Used Food Grade IBC Containers under 275 Gallons

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Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) totes are large containers used to store and transport liquids, viscous solutions and other fluid materials. All IBC Totes on this page have a bottle size that is less than 275 gallons and previously held food grade components.
IBC containers consist of three primary components:
1. An IBC plastic container bottle
2. An IBC metal cage
3. A pallet that can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic or metal
IBC tanks can be found that meet the requirements for storing and transporting a wide range of products including food, pharmaceuticals, flammables and corrosives. Companies can choose between purchasing IBC totes made from new materials for food grade applications, reconditioned ones, and used non-reconditioned totes. Depending on the intended use, less expensive used IBC containers that have previously held other materials may be suitable.

All of our IBC Totes that previously held food grade materials and are under 275 gallons are listed below; or click one of the links below if you are looking for totes with a metal, plastic or wood pallet:

  IBC Containers Under 275 Gallons - Wood Pallet and Used Food Grade
  IBC Containers Under 275 Gallons - Metal Pallet and Used Food Grade
  IBC Containers Under 275 Gallons - Plastic Pallet and Used Food Grade