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Used Food Grade 330 Gallon IBC Totes

You’ll find a range of used 330-gallon tankfood grade totes for sale at Container Exchanger. Intermediate bulk container (IBC) totes are perfect for storing or shipping large quantities of food and beverage products. Whether you’re looking to replace one of your existing IBCs or you’re new to the world of industrialized shipping, we have everything you need to get started.

Every food grade IBC tote is made with high-density polyethylene plastic to keep your supplies safe. They also come with a metal cage for more protection on the road. The built-in tap makes it easy to dispense your products, so you only use what you need. IBCs also come with an attached pallet for easy long-term handling. Just slide the arms of a lift truck underneath the tote to safely move your supplies.

Food grade means you can use these totes to store products meant for human consumption, such as syrups, water and dry goods. They haven’t been used to store or transport hazardous chemicals, so you can handle your products with more peace of mind; however, we recommend washing before and after every use.

The seller will ship the container directly to you. If you are dissatisfied with the condition of the container, you will get a full refund.

Save money on your next food grade IBC tote at Container Exchanger. We do our best to maintain relationships with reputable sellers that have a long history of selling quality, used shipping materials. Find a container near you and place your order today!


IBC Containers 330 Gallons - Wood Pallet and Used Food Grade


IBC Containers 330 Gallons - Metal Pallet and Used Food Grade


IBC Containers 330 Gallons - Plastic Pallet and Used Food Grade

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