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Used Drive-in Racks for Efficient Warehouse Storage

Used Drive-in racks can be an essential use for warehouse facilities of all sizes and designs. They offer a cost effective option for high density storage. If you have a warehouse in need of simplification, organization, and more efficient usage of space and time – then Rack Exchanger can help you get started with our drive in rack options.

Drive-in rack systems allow you to store up to 75% more pallets than selective racking. Because drive-in racks allow forklifts to drive directly into the rack, these racks can take more punishment but are engineered to stand up to the extra punishment.

If you have a lot of inventory that shifts on a regular basis, our drive in racks pre-used and offer a perfect storage solution in both affordability and functionality which you may want to consider. While traditional static rack storage allows for many rows of pallet racking with aisles between the individual rows, drive-in racks allow for a much denser arrangement of your stored product and thus a more efficient use of available space than traditional systems.

Under standard conditions used storage racks are used in a warehouse to cube out all available space. Used drive-in racks allow you the opportunity to store more of your product without the need for more square footage.

If a used storage rack is not used, the only available space will be at the floor level. With certain lightweight material that might be an option, however you are leaving yourself open to the possibility of damaging your product and leading to an unsafe work environment. And drive-in racks provide you the ultimate in rack systems.

Rack Exchanger can use their expertise to assist your company in cubing out the warehouse with our used drive-in rack options. Rows of palletized product will be lined up from front to back across the warehouse. Our drive-in racks are perfect for any high density application. The key difference between storage racks and used drive-in racks is that the forklift operates inside of the rack itself and there are no specified lanes between the rows which allow you to better utilize your space.

Rack Exchanger can also broker and sell your used drive-in racks. So if you are looking for a maximum ROI than we can assist you in liquidating your existing inventory.

Our expert marketing, professional service, North American wide network of customers, along with free professional website listing and assistance for your warehouse racks will help your company both save and make money on the sale of your used drive-in racking.

Learn how the use of used drive-in racks can add to your bottom line. Find or list your drive-in racking on http://www.rackexchanger.com . Our expert staff at Rack Exchanger contains sales associates who all share a common goal of customer satisfaction and with years of experience we have won over many a valued customer.