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Use Metal Pallets for Heavy Items

When it comes to storing and transporting heavy items, metal pallets are the ideal solution. Metal pallets are not only stronger than wood pallets; they also resist bacterial contamination and breakdown due to environmental influences. Using metal pallets allows companies to move and ship very heavy items on a single pallet, something that is impossible to do with wooden pallets. The expected maximum weight tolerance for wooden pallets is approximately 2,500 lbs. Plastic pallets can accommodate weights up to 25,000 lbs., But for those items that are heavier, such as for loads that reach upwards to 50,000 lbs., the only viable solution is metal pallets.

Metal pallets can withstand the increased weight of heavier loads and prevent a catastrophic failure during movement or shipping, which can lead to damage to your products and result in hefty insurance claims. In addition to being able to withstand the greater pressure of heavy loads, they also have an increased lifespan over other pallet materials. Metal pallets are built to last, meaning that they can be used over and over again. This allows companies that use metal pallets to save money by not having to replace them after every use.

Metal pallets have a host of other benefits as well. Unlike wooden pallets, metal pallets are resistant to bacterial infection as well as breaking down due to rot. This means that there is less of a chance that your goods will be damaged during transport because there is less of a chance of failure on the part of the metal pallet.