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Orbis Container

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Large Orbis Container: A large Oribs container is a plastic heavy-duty storage container. These large plastic boxes can be used to hold manufactured parts and bulk materials, such as appliance parts and automotive parts. Because these Orbis containers are made of a heavy-duty plastic, some can hold over 2,000 pounds. Pallet containers are deliberately constructed to be mobile, and are easily transported around a warehouse floor through the use of forklifts and some pallet jacks. 
Small Orbis Container: A small Orbis contaienr, also called handheld totes, can be used for shipping or storing specialized lighter weight products. Sometimes these smaller Orbis containers can be used to store lose parts, like automotive parts or machine parts. These small stacking totes are the perfect size for storage of items in smaller areas and can be stacked on top of each even with items inside.