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New Gaylord Boxes – Partial Bottoms and Slip Sheets with 4 or More Walls

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Gaylord Boxes and Craton Boxes are large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes. They are an affordable, expendable solution to one-way shipments of consumable products. Gaylord boxes are also called watermelon boxes.
Gaylord boxes contain multiple layers of cardboard to provide sturdy support for any materials contained within. Gaylord boxes can be used to hold raw plastic resin, scrap pieces, regrind pellets, component parts, and many other items. Gaylord boxes are also used to ship produce and other bulk materials. When used with a pallet, these boxes can stack on top of one another for vertical storage.
Sizes of gaylord boxes can vary significantly, but many gaylords are sized for either 40"x48" pallets or 45"x45" pallets. Thickness of the boxes can range from 2 layers of cardboard all the way up to 5 layers of cardboard; these layers are also called walls. The number of walls is a pretty good indication of the overall strength of the box, where the more layers of cardboard indicate a stronger box. However, this is not always the case, as some gaylord boxes have thicker individual walls than others. Some boxes are rated for a particular capacity, so it is often recommended that you inquire about this feature before purchasing a gaylord.
Here you will find all of the new Gaylord Boxes with partial bottoms and slip sheets that have 4 or more walls available through Container Exchanger.