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The Benefits of Used Wire Baskets

Why pay more with new wire baskets when you can save money with used wire baskets? Today, many companies are taking advantage of the significant savings with used wire baskets. With these savings, companies increase their bottom line. Companies can even add casters to used wire baskets for greater flexibility in their production systems. When the need for wire baskets is over, you can then use an exchanger container to resell them once again for more cash. Buying used and selling used all add up to more cash flow.

Used wire baskets are comprised of heavy-duty wire mesh bottoms and sides that deliver maximum product protection. They are excellent for fragile goods in transit or those goods in storage. They are also ideal for heavy products being shipped over long distances.

Used wire baskets come in many different styles and fabrications. It's easy to find the right style and design for your application. Choose from different load capacities, sizes and styles like mesh walls, stackable, drop doors and collapsible. The collapsible used wire baskets come in handy when you don't use them all of the time or when there is limited floor space. Just fold them up and stack for a compact storage solution.

These bins also offer an opportunity for companies to save money on shipping. When companies ship products, the cost is generally calculated on the weight of the shipment. The greater the weight, the more it costs to ship. Used wire baskets are lightweight and make shipping costs more economical. By purchasing used wire baskets, companies get more product to market while saving on both storage and shipping costs. Using these bins in your manufacturing and transportation systems is a savvy business decision. Whether you need containers for small loads or large loads, there is a wire basket to suit your individual needs.