Spout Bags

Bulk spout bags also known are also known as FIBC's or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Bulk bags are made of polypropylene (plastic), and the polypropylene is woven to create a long lasting, durable product. These bags are very strong and have lift straps affixed to the top of the bag. This enables the handling and movement of the bag when it is loaded, as they can be picked up using standard forklift forks and some of the bags offer the ability to empty the contents from the bottom of the bag. Other spout bags can be emptied using specific equipment. Bulk spout bags typically have a 2000 to 3000 lb. weight capacity per bag, with actual weight capacity per bag typically at 4 to 5 times the posted capacity.

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Sale Ads
Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S006124 Used 35x41x63 Spout Top and Bottom Peanut Bags $3.95 2600 GA, USA
S005900 Used 40x40x40 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags with Baffles $5.00 2500 OH, USA
S005899 Used 35x35x44 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags $5.00 3600 OH, USA
S005744 Used 35x35x54 Spout Top & Spout Bottom Bulk Bags Clean $5.25 1000 MA, USA
S005581 Used 41x41x42 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags - Lined $5.00 15000 WA, USA
S005534 New 35x35x50 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags $10.50 1320 AL, USA
S005279 Used Mixed lot of 36x36x52 and 35x41x68 Bulk Bags - Spout top and bottom $5.00 300 WI, USA
S004463 Used 42x42x40 Duffle top Spout bottom Bulk Bags with baffles $6.75 1200 IL, USA
S002244 New 35x35x40 Duffle Top Spout bottoms Bulk Bags - 3000 lbs. capacity $10.50 1000 AL, USA
S3705 New 35x35x35 (U-Panel) Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags $9.50 4400 AL, USA
S006137 New 35x35x50 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags - Liner Sewn In $13.25 290 AL, USA
S005911 New 36x36x36 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags $7.75 800 TX, USA
S005584 Used 35x42x58 Open Top Spout Bottom Ventilated Bulk Bags $7.00 750 IL, USA
S005506 New 41x41x45 Duffle Top Spout Bottom Bulk Bags with Baffles $11.25 1050 AL, USA
S004577 Used 36x36x60 Spout Top Spout Bottom Bulk Bags $6.50 2000 IL, USA
S003467 New 35x35x52 spout top and bottom Bulk Bags $11.00 860 WA, USA
S006321 New 35x35x45 Top/Bottom spout Sift-proof $12.25 480 MD, USA
S006320 New 40x40x42 Baffled Top/Bottom spout Sift-proof $14.85 600 MD, USA
S006319 New 37x37x42 Top spout/Funnel bottom $12.38 380 MD, USA
S006318 New 41x41x52 Baffled Top spout/Funnel bottom with Baffles $17.50 2565 MD, USA
1-20, 70 total listings       [1]  2  3  4 
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