Rigid Plastic Containers

A pallet container is a plastic heavy-duty storage container. These large rigid plastic containers can be used to hold manufactured parts and bulk materials, such as appliance parts and automotive parts. Because these non-collapsible plastic containersare made of a heavy-duty plastic, some can hold over 2,000 pounds. Rigid plastic containers are deliberately constructed to be mobile, and are easily transported around a warehouse floor through the use of forklifts and some pallet jacks.
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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S005976 Used 47x32x30 Solid Plastic Bins with Drop Door - Lids included $95.00 92 GA, USA
S004381 New 48x48x28 (Outsde dimensions) FDA Approved Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes $160.00 376 MI, USA
S002731 New 45" x 48" Bulk Container Lids $45.00 10000 OH, USA
S002729 New 30" x 32" Bulk Container Lid $45.00 10000 OH, USA
S005795 Used 48x48x28 Vented Bulk Containers $80.00 250 WI, USA
S005540 New Buckhorn 42x29x28 Rigid Bulk Box $145.00 18 IN, USA
S002659 New 30x32x15 Rotational Molded Bins $115.00 100 IN, USA
S005839 Used 45x48x17 Fixed Wall Bulk Containers - Mixed Colors $115.00 22 OH, USA
S005741 Used Fixed Wall Non-Collapsible 45x48x24 & 45x48x25 Containers $120.00 27 ON, Canada
S005509 New 48x48x34 (Outside dimensions) FDA Approved Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes $205.00 32 OR, USA
S005444 New Solid Wall, Solid Bottom Sealed Bulk Bin, 48 x 40 x 36 H bulk container $199.00 10000 MN, USA
S005216 Used 45x48x21-24" Non-Collapsible Dunnage Tubs $120.00 68 ON, Canada
S004909 New 60x60x48 Rigid Solid Plastic Tubs $426.00 40 SC, USA
S004128 Vented Bulk Container 45x48x34, MacroBin 34-FV $169.00 1000 KY, USA
S004051 New 48x48x52 Vented Bulk Container $299.50 1000 WA, USA
S004034 39 x 46.5 x 42 New Plastic Container $320.00 1000 WA, USA
S003489 New 48x40x31 Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes $155.00 1000 MI, USA
S003488 New 48x40x31 Solid Plastic Bulk Box, FDA Approved Materials $225.00 10000 MI, USA
S003193 New 43x43x51 Reusable Bulk Shipping Containers $270.00 10000 IN, USA
S003192 New 47x43x45 Reusable Bulk Shipping Containers Inquire for Price 10000 IN, USA
1-20, 47 total listings       [1]  2  3 
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