Pallets with Runners

Pallets with runners are used when you need to spread the weight the pallet carries or when you need to put the pallet on racking. The runners on the pallet can be of 2, 3 or 5 variety. The Pallet runners can also be fixed or detachable. Pallets with runners are perfect for storage and shipping jobs which need an evenly spread weight load distributed over a base. Select from plastic pallets, metal & steel pallets and aluminum pallets.

TIP: Guide on picking the right size pallet.

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Sale Ads
Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
ES010467 New 1000mm x 1200mm heavy duty plastic pallet 4000 lb edge rackable $79.90 10000 IN, USA
S004500 Used 39x39 Stacking Plastic Pallets $10.00 780 GA, USA
S004485 Used 43x43 Stacking Plastic Pallets $9.75 500 NC, USA
S004001 Heavy Duty used 48x40 Orbis Structo-Cell Pallets $31.25 500 IN, USA
S003971 Used 42 x 42 plastic pallets $6.00 124 NJ, USA
S003934 Used 43x43 Plastic Pallets, Standard Duty and Heavy-Duty Available $9.88 100 TN, USA
S003913 Used, Very Good Condition Plastic Euro Pallet 800mm x 1200mm, Stackable $18.00 500 NC, USA
S003909 Used Blue & Black Standard 43x43 Plastic Pallets $8.13 200 VA, USA
S4281 Used 43x43x5 Plastic Pallets - Stackable $17.23 540 OH, USA
S3809 New 48x48x6 Plastic Pallet- Stackable, HDPE with Base $64.90 2000 OH, USA
S3453 New 48x40x6 Plastic Pallets- Stackable DISCOUNTED PRICE $50.00 228 MI, USA
S3433 NEW 48x40 Plastic Pallets- Double-Sided Rackable $31.50 5000 MN, USA
S3367 Used 43x43 Plastic Pallets in good condition, DIC PP $8.75 219 CT, USA
S3074 NEW 48x32 Euro-Pallet (Solid Top) $97.50 10000 MI, USA
S3073 NEW 110cm x 120cm Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Pallet (With Rods) $78.75 10000 MI, USA
S3072 NEW 110cm x 120cm Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Pallet (No Rods) $75.00 10000 MI, USA
S3071 NEW 48x44 Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Pallets (With Rods) $78.75 10000 MI, USA
S3070 NEW 48x44 Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Pallets (No Rods) $75.00 10000 MI, USA
S3069 NEW 37x37 Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Pallets (With Rods) $67.26 10000 MI, USA
S3067 NEW 40x32 Heavy-Duty 3-Runner (32) 3-Rod Plastic Pallets $56.00 10000 MI, USA
1-20, 25 total listings       [1]  2 
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