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Plastic Tote Box - 24 x 22

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Stacking totes are essential to your warehouse. The 24 x 22 size is one of the most popular choices on the market. It’s considered the standard size in many industries. Heavy duty straight wall containers help you make the most of your storage space. They easily stack on top of each other, so you can build up and maximize your floor space. Keep merchandise off the floor to make sure your employees can easily navigate the space.

Storing your products in a plastic tote box prevents dust from contaminating product. The lid keeps dirt and debris from collecting inside the container. You don’t have to worry about wiping off your products before sending them out for delivery. This also improves air quality, helping your employees breathe easier on the job.

Orbis straight wall totes come with reinforced corners for more protection on the road. Unlike disposable storage containers, they retain their physical dimensions for a perfect fit every time. With greater strength and durability, they are designed to hold the heaviest items, including dense industrial supplies, auto parts, tools and other bulky items.

We sell a wide variety of new and used 24 x 22 stacking totes on our website for you to choose from. These rigid containers are built to last the test of time, so you can reuse them for many years to come. Find the right heavy duty straight wall containers for your business at Container Exchanger.