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Wood Crates

New 46x22x23 Collapsible Wood Crates

Wood Crates For Sale: New 46x22x23 Collapsible Wood Crates In South Carolina - image  1
Wood Crates For Sale: New 46x22x23 Collapsible Wood Crates In South Carolina - image  1
Wood Crates For Sale: New 46x22x23 Collapsible Wood Crates In South Carolina - image  2
Price (ea) :
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$160.06 *minimums, price tiers listed below
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South Carolina - SC, USA
Additional Information :
New Collapsible, Reusable, Returnable, and stackable wood crate systems. Assembles with clips only. One person can assemble or disassemble each crate in two to three minutes with no screws, nails, or metal bands required.

For orders of 1-2 crates,Please add $25 each.
For orders of 3-9 crates,Please add $15 each.
For orders of 10-49 crates,Please add $10 each.
ISPM-15 compliant
Collapses to 9\" Tall
Made of 3/4\" exterior grade plywood (9 Ply)
pallet blocks thru-bolted to base panel.
Exterior dims; 47.5x23.5x28
Interior volume - 12.88 cubic ft.
Tare weight - 95 lbs/43 kg
16 zinc plated spring-steel clips (.060\" thick)
4 way pallet entry.
Max load of products - Dependant on weight distribution across base panel.

One-Way shipping crates (Picture on the left below):
•Collapsible - require a fraction of warehouse space compared to set-up crates
•ISPM-15 import/export compliant
•Strength characteristics similar to heavy duty reusable systems
•3/4\" OSB material offers maximum protection.
Reusable crate option availalbe, add $60 each to above pricing;from a one-way material to a reusable high quality plywood material (good for 50+ turns in most returnable systems). Picture on the right below is the returnable crate.
Dimensions :
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22" x 46" x 23" (Length x Width x Height)
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Attached Lids
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0 lbs.
Weight :
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0 lbs.
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