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New 41x28.75x25 Uline Wood Crate S-11302 Michigan

Wood Crates For Sale: New 41x28.75x25 Uline Wood Crate S-11302 Michigan In Michigan - image  1
Wood Crates For Sale: New 41x28.75x25 Uline Wood Crate S-11302 Michigan In Michigan - image  1
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$43.75 *minimums, price tiers listed below
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Michigan - MI, USA
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Discover the perfect storage solution with the brand new 41x28.75x25 Uline Wood Crate. Crafted with durability and functionality, this spacious crate offers ample room for organizing and storing a wide array of items. Its sturdy wood construction ensures long-lasting use, while the generous dimensions provide versatile storage options for both residential and commercial settings. Ideal for safely transporting or storing goods, this Uline Wood Crate is a reliable and efficient addition to any storage or shipping setup.
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41" x 28.75" x 25" (Length x Width x Height)
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Heat Treated
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Detached Lids Included
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2000 lbs.
Weight :
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54 lbs.
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