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New 46x32x36 Solid Plastic Tubs

Pallet Containers For Sale: New 46x32x36 Solid Plastic Tubs In South Carolina - image  1
Pallet Containers For Sale: New 46x32x36 Solid Plastic Tubs In South Carolina - image  1
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South Carolina - SC, USA
Additional Information :
Overall Dimensions: 46x32x36
Inside Dimensions: 43x29x31
2-way Entry
\"Sealed\" container can hold powders and even liquids
19 colors to choose from
FDA approved in the natural color
23 cubic feet volume
Casters or Dolly Base are Optional

4 pc minimum
Add $5 ea for order less than 50 pcs
Part #9013
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32" x 46" x 36" (Length x Width x Height)
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No Lids
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Plastic, Solid Walls, 2-Way Entry, Sealed Tub, FDA Approved, Casters Available
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