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Whether you need bulk materials storage or protective storage for manufactured goods, consider new or used Plastic Bulk Containers and Pallet Containers. Container Exchanger offers these Collapsible Bulk Bontainers and Non-Collapsible Bulk Containers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Our collapsible plastic crates are stackable, easy to repair and offer drop doors for ergonomic access. 

If you need something for ingredients - powders, pellets, or other bulk material storage, please explore our non-collapsible containers.  These containers will tolerate more sidewall pressure, loose items, high-density items including bulk materials and some semi-fluid materials as well.

Collapsible Pallet Containers & Non-Collapsible Plastic Containers are extremely durable, heavy-duty (with some safely holding up to 2,500 pounds), infinitely reusable, easily repairable and easy to ship and store.  Please review our listings below - while we specialize in used bulk containers, we also carry many new plastic pallet containers in stock and ready for a quick shipment.  Whatever your need is - if you don't find it here, call us or send us a message on the Contact Us form.  We'll get you setup with a packaging expert to find the right solution for you.

Container Exchanger's mission is to keep our manufacturing and distibution customers as eco-friendly and cost efficient as possible.  This is why we offer brand-name containers including Arca, Orbis, Ropak, and Buckhorn, in a wide variety of options and sizes. Our container experts will answer all you questions and help you discover the best solution for your business needs.


  • What Sizes of Pallet Containers Are Available?

    All the product in this category are generally going to require a forklift or pallet jack to move them.  They are designed for bulk parts storage and parts protection.  

    Collapsible Pallet Containers:  These bulk bins are made out of structural foam HDPE and are very durable.  They are collapsible and usually also have drop doors, which is a side door that allows the operator to get to the bottom of the bin even if the walls are in the up position.  Typical size footprints (Width x Height) are 30" x 32", 40" x 48", 45" x 48", 56" x 48", 62" x 48", 64" x 48", and 70" x 48".  Each footprint has a variety of heights, usually 25", 34", 42", 48", and 50" high.

    Rigid Plastic Bulk Containers:  These bulk bins are usually rotationally molded are are also very durable.  Some of them are even water tight and can work well for fluids, semi-fluid, and loose bulk materials.  These types of bulk containers are less standardized and so there are a vast number of sizes available.  In general though, you can count on these containers being about the size of a pallet and anywhere from 30" to 50" tall. 


  • Are your Plastic Bulk Boxes stackable?

    Yes, usually they are stackable.  The collapsible variety is stackable within the same footprint size, both with walls up and walls down. Usually these bins are stackable 3 high when fully loaded.  

    Some of the non-collapsible are non-stackable unless you purchase a lid separately.  The rotationally molded bins almost always have a taper to them, this is so they can be removed from the mold. 


  • Where Can I Find Used Pallet Containers for Sale?

    Container Exchanger of course.  Our unique packaging marketplace has been around since 2006!  We have a wide range of new and used containers that you can find for sale at pretty affordable prices. Browse through our collection of collapsible bulk containers, and find the right one for you.


  • Should I Get Used Pallet Containers or New Ones?

    You can get high-quality used containers for a fraction of the price of new ones. Why buy a new one when you can save so much money buying used containers?

    Collapsible bulk containers are better bought used, as they prevent the waste of money and cost far less compared to brand new ones. The condition of used containers is typically good enough for shipping and storage.


  • How Can I Choose the Right Pallet Containers for Sale?

    When choosing the right size container or pallet, consider the quality, weight, and height of the containers so that they're stable and can support the weight of the other containers when stacked safely.  Luckily, we're just a phone call away and we prefer to speak with you to ensure your chosen item will work for your given application.  Submit an Inquire Now form and you can consult with one of our packaging experts.


  • How Much Does a Plastic Pallet Container Cost?

    Collapsible plastic pallet container costs depend on the size and materials used. Generally, smaller collapsible plastic containers are less expensive than larger ones. They can range from $75-$700. The cost of these bulk containers can also vary based on the features offered, availability of the goods, and based on the material used and the number of containers purchased.  Our bulk containers are generally suseptible to the price of plastic.  If plastic is expensive then the bins are affected as well.  Raw material costs account for 50% of the cost of the bin.  The rest of the cost is for logistics, labor, overhead, etc.


  • What Are Plastic Pallet Containers Used for?

    Stackable plastic containers and pallets are an excellent option for bulk storage and efficient use of floor space. They hold manufactured assemblies... anything from parts for a missle, tent poles for a tent rental company, brake boosters for an automobile, electric motors for a washer, and relay assemblies for complex electronics. 

    The uses are only limited by your imagination, but one thing is for sure - these types of bins save your company money in the long term.  They protect your parts and make better use of floor space.  It just makes sense.


  • How Do Collapsible Plastic Pallet Containers Work?

    Check out this video for a demo of the operation:  Pallet Container Assembly & Breakdown


  • Is There Any Maintenance Required for Used Collapsible Pallet Containers?

    Not really - they basically work until they get broken somehow.  We've seen bins in service for 10 years.  Eventually they'll get damaged by a forklift of after an extended use cycle.  When the bins are broken, start a scrap pile and sell them for plastic value.  You can contact Container Exchanger to sell your broken bins for scrap, we'll get you the most possible. 


  • Are Used Plastic Pallet Containers Safe for Food Storage?

    When used containers are adequately sanitized, they're perfectly safe for food storage. The key is to use quality containers, which includes ensuring proper sanitation. That means the bulk containers must be cleaned regularly, and all surfaces must be free from dirt and contaminants. 



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