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Where to Use IBC Tanks and Totes


There are many industries that require IBC tote water storage and containers, and we serve them all. Here are just a few of them:

Greases and lubricants
Roadwork or stripping
Personal care
Flavors and fragrances
Food and beverage
Paints and coatings
Water treatment
Offshore platforms
Oil and gas
Chemicals and solvents


Types of Used IBC Totes Available


Performing a Google search for “used IBC totes for sale near me” will get you many results. However, you may not be sure they’re suitable for the job. We can help you choose the right IBC tote. Water storage, chemicals, oil and gas, and those for pharmaceuticals all have different requirements.

We carry all types of IBC totes for sale, including:

Food-grade IBC totes
IBC tanks for rainwater and potable water
Fuel IBC totes
Stacking IBC totes
IBC chemical tote options
Many more

Our stacking IBC totes feature capacities ranging from 110 gallons to 550 gallons. The prices will also vary, and we offer various dimensions, as well. Pay close attention to the description to learn about the sizes and styles available.


The Benefits of IBC Tanks


When searching for an IBC container for sale, it’s important to understand the benefits it offers. These totes feature various characteristics that make them useful for many applications and in different industries.

In fact, IBC containers for sale provide consistent packaging that’s specified and manufactured to federal regulations and the current technology. While caged polyethylene IBCs aren’t designed to be reused, others are.

The advantages include:

Maneuverability, Organization, and Shape

IBCs are cube-shaped, and they’re typically sized to pallet dimensions. Therefore, you can transport more materials with the use of a four- or two-way forklift. This allows for more maneuverability.

Likewise, our IBC containers for sale are stackable. This design promotes more efficient storage, handling, and transport. Plus, gravity-based dispensing is made easier, such as for IBC tote water storage needs.

Durability, Engineering, and Resistance

It’s easy to fill, stack, and load your IBC chemical tote. They’re designed to withstand impacts, puncturing, and tearing. Plus, metal and polyethylene will resist corrosion, allowing you to protect your products until you need them.

Ultimately, metal is the best solution for an IBC container. IBC totes using this material are suitable for flammable and combustible materials. Likewise, they withstand high temperatures and can be used in applications with strict cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Buying an IBC container tank that’s UN/DOT approved allows you to handle hazardous materials, including caustics, acids, and corrosives. Plus, they’re approved for sea and land transport.

When buying water totes for sale, it’s important that they can withstand the general stress and pressure found during transport.

Many of our IBC bulk container products feature self-operating automatic vacuum vents. As the internal pressure builds to 0.25 PSIG, those vents open to prevent an explosion. You can store and handle whatever materials you need with less risk or waste. In fact, our IBC totes prevent spillage and overflow, allowing you to protect your investment.

Logistics and Handling

An IBC container for sale provides various benefits to distributors, suppliers, transporters, wholesalers, and end users. Logistics is a huge concern, and the characteristics of IBCs will help.

Ultimately, water totes for sale are ideal for various companies and industries that are dependent on their products arriving on time and undamaged. If you have a complex or long supply chain, things will move efficiently and effectively, safely stored in the warehouse until needed.

Likewise, you can accomplish long-term transport or storage without reducing the quality of the food-grade IBC totes.

Time and Money

You can also save time and money when you reuse an IBC container tank for specific applications. This could replace your need for multiple drums.

Ultimately, a 330-gallon IBC bulk container is equivalent to roughly six 55-gallon drums. Plus, multiple IBCs can be stacked on a pallet and moved by one forklift.

Did you know that one IBC container can make hundreds of trips successfully? You don’t have to purchase new international bulk totes every time. However, we do recommend reusing them for the same materials.

For example, you could use one IBC container to store water, continuously filling it up with more of the same liquid each time. Alternatively, if you’re handling chemicals, you should never mix them as they empty and you refill them.

Overall, reusing IBCs can reduce your physical waste and the costs associated with storage and transport. Once their service life ends, you can also recycle them.


Choose Container Exchanger to Find a Water Container for Sale


It’s important to choose the right IBC container. IBC totes from Container Exchanger are the best solution, and we have many options available.

Whether you’re looking for a water container for sale or need something for chemicals, we offer a wide selection of products to meet your needs. Browse our website now or call (404) 551-5599 to get started.


Intermediate bulk containers (IBC totes) are used to ship a wide variety of liquid products and chemicals, including water, beverages, cleaners, solvents and gels. Used IBC totes feature a plastic fluid tank attached to a pallet that can be used with a lift truck. The plastic is encased in a steel cage that protects the container from physical damage. These handy 275 Gallon and 330 Gallon tanks feature a screw on top for filling and a drain spout for dispensing.

We sell a wide range of New, Refurbished, and Used IBC totes at Container Exchanger, including used 275 gallon IBC totes and 330 gallon IBC totes. You can also choose between food grade and non-food grade IBC containers based on your storage needs. Choose food grade when storing products and fluids meant for human consumption and non-food grade when storing industrial chemicals and materials. The food grade totes will have an all new bottle or they will be professionally cleaned and will have previously held food grade materials.

We work with sellers all over the U.S. to give these containers another life. You can save hundreds of dollars by buying used IBC totes online from Container Exchanger. Every seller lists the condition of the container, including if it’s been used and whether it’s been rinsed, refurbished.

Browse our selection of new & used IBC totes for sale to find the right container for your goods and supplies.


  • How do I get more details on Used IBC Totes for Sale Near Me?

    We do our best to ensure that the process of IBC tote sales is convenient for both the seller and the buyer. This means ensuring that a potential buyer has all the information necessary to complete the purchaseWe try to ensure multiple photos are available and we work with reputable sellers.   

    After all, this is a long-term investment that you'll probably be using to transport large quantities of hazardous or non-hazardous liquids. Once you find a container that, you're interested in, simply click on the "Inquire Now" button beside it, complete the form, and we will be in touch to answer any and all of your questions before you proceed with a purchase. 


  • Do I Need to Clean IBC Containers After Purchase?

    We provide all the necessary details on the state of the storage containers. including if they have been rinsed or washed. Regardless of what you see on our site though, we do recommend that you always wash any IBCs you plan to put in the field before you start using them. 

    This is especially true if you operate in one of the various industries that work with food products. Contaminants are no joke, and extra precautions must be taken when human consumption is a factor. 


  • How Does Container Exchanger Make the Process of Acquiring IBC Tanks for Sale Easier?

    Value-added sales assistance is the core of what we do. You'll work with a product expert, should you choose, who will work to understand your requirements and make sure the items you buy will work in your applicationTracking shipments or expeditingWe have a team for that tooFurthermore we ensure that the goods you receive are in as-described conditionOur followup process is designed to contact you immediately after receiving your shipment to confirm everything went as plannedIf you need support after products are delivered - we're here to help as well.  

    With us in the mix, both the buyer and seller have a smooth experience with a transparent process. 


  • What Industries Are the IBC Containers for Sale Suited to?

    Having a secure liquid container on a pallet that allows taking advantage of bulk pricing is a great investment for a host of industries. Some of those that we cater to include warehousing, industrial, manufacturing, metal and steel fabrication, farm production, food processing, construction, and auto. 


  • What's the Cost of a Used IBC Tote for Sale Near Me?

    There's no defined price since the listings are from different sellers in different locations and the range of materials may be different. What we recommend is that you view our listings to find the IBC tanks that meet your needs, after which you can request a no-obligation quote, including freight costs, for the quantity you need. 


  • How Can I Be Sure That IBC Totes Near Me Are Food Safe?

    You'll find that different parties will sell a mixture of IBC totes that may or may not be food safe. It depends on the container's history. If it's brand new, then it will be food safe since it hasn't had anything stored in it before. 

    However, if hazardous chemicals were previously stored in a used IBC, you would want to avoid using it to store anything for human consumption, even if you wash it. 

    We make the process of deciding which one to buy easier since all our listings for used IBC totes which are FDA approved will tell you if the previous use was food grade or not. 


  • How Long Does a New IBC Container Last?

    The useful life of an IBC will depend on a series of unique factors including the application and frequency of use. Nevertheless, they generally stick around for years on end before there's any cause for concern about their breaking apart. 

    That's one of the reasons we have this service since we want to encourage reuse and cost saving. Maybe you'll only use an IBC once and want to sell it when you're done. If so, we'll be here to assist you with the listing when that time comes. 

  • What's the Best Way to Reach the Container Exchanger Team?

    You have a few options here. You can use our live chat, fill out the inquiry form on any product page, call us at +1-(404)-551-5599, or send us an email at sales@containerexchanger.com. 


    Does Container Exchanger Offer Assistance if the Current Listings Don't Have What I Need? 

    Sure. While our listings are expansive, we understand that your requirements may not always be met by what is currently available. Therefore, we provide Free Want Ads for IBC totes that you do not see being listed. 

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