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Protective Masks & Hand Sanitizers

Keeping employees and customers safe is a top priority. We offer PPE supplies including hand sanitizers, disposable face masks, and plastic face shields.
Hand Sanitizers
Hand Sanitizers
Hand Sanitizers for cleaning on the go without the need for water, available in bulk.
Face Masks
Face Masks
Masks and Face Coverings for reduction in transmission of virus and diseases.

Shop Container exchanger for all of your personal protective equipment (PPE) and bulk hand sanitizer needs. These days, personal hygiene is more important than ever before. In order to keep your facilities, employees and customers safe, it’s critical to supply the PPE that will keep viruses from spreading throughout your business.

N95 face masks are some of the highest-grade PPE equipment on the market. They’re so protective that healthcare professionals use N95 masks. Along with facemasks, which protect against viral infections that spread through the air, hand sanitizer protects against viruses that spread through touch. If a person touches an infected object and then touches their mouth or nose, they can become infected, too. By providing hand sanitizer, your workforce can kill viruses that might be resting on their hands.

Stopping the spread of viral infections protects your workforce and your ability to maintain operations without significant delays.

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